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VP ELEMENT SNAIL MUCUS FILTRATE+PANTHENOL Creamy foam cleanser for face and eyes, 170ml

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The product was tested on sensitive skin under the supervision of a dermatologist and ophthalmologist.

Creamy textured face and eye wash foam is a product designed for daily cleansing of all skin types.
It has a delicate formula, based on mild cleansing substances that create a silky foam on the skin. The addition of tapioca starch and panthenol enhances the soothing effect and brings relief to the skin. After washing, the skin is well cleansed of impurities and make-up, and moisturised. It leaves a fresh effect without the unpleasant feeling of tightness. The foam also copes well with eye make-up, including waterproof make-up.

Filtrate is the lightest and richest form of snail mucus. It is unique in that it helps fight wrinkles while strongly nourishing and accelerating skin renewal. It makes it look younger and more rested.
-use daily for face and eyes
-pump a portion of the foam from the packaging and gently massage onto wet face with circular movements
-rinse with water
-if necessary, repeat the process
-if you want to thoroughly remove heavy make-up, use an additional make-up remover glove