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2,80 zł. Nail polish SOLAR GEL The effect of a hybrid nail polish(24 pcs.)

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More info SOLAR GEL is a new generation of nail polishes that combine the properties of traditional and hybrid nail polishes. Manicure does not require hardening by means of UV/LED; the nail polish is hardened through exposure to natural sunlight. Thanks to this innovative system, the nail polish is properly hardened and scratch-proof, can be used for a prolonged period and has amazing hybrid-like gloss.

Method of use: Begin the manicure by preparing the nails properly: give them the desired shape, remove the hangnails, tarnish the nail plate delicately and, finally, use a preparation that will degrease the nails and improve the adhesion of the polish (e.g., Universal Hybrid Cleaner).

Using a top coat for SOLAR GEL is not required, but if you want to prolong the durability of the polish, you can use SOLAR GEL TOP COAT. The use of any other top coat is not recommended.

1 Colour – Paint the nails with a thin layer of selected colour; the unique 3D brush will help you avoid smudges and rough spots. Wait for 2 minutes and apply the second thin layer of the colour.

2 Top – To prolong the durability of the colour, apply SOLAR GEL Top Coat. Make sure that the colour is dry – the application of the top coat to the wet polish may produce bubbles.