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VP ELEMENT SNAIL MUCUS FILTRATE Shampoo for hair and scalp, 300ml

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Shampoo for hair _Element

Shampoo is an essential cosmetic in basic hair care. The snail mucus filtrate contained in it has a soothing effect on the scalp and provides regeneration, nourishment and shine to hair, especially dry and damaged hair. The scalp is not irritated during washing, but deeply moisturised. The shampoo has a very mild washing base. It provides hair with elasticity and shine. After washing, hair is smooth, more manageable, shiny and pleasant to touch.

Particularly recommended for people whose hair is dry, weak and damaged by hairdressing treatments, as well as those with problematic scalps prone to irritation and itching.

Active ingredient

Filtrate is the lightest and richest form of snail mucus. It is unique because it nourishes and regenerates the hair and makes it resilient, smooth and soft.