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VP PROBLEM SKIN Tar shampoo against dandruff for hair and scalp, 400ml

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Tar shampoo for hair and scalp care for people with a tendency to dandruff, psoriasis and seborrhoea.

Tar shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp thoroughly. It eliminates unpleasant itching and burning sensations. The active ingredients in this shampoo regulate the sebaceous glands, thus reducing the tendency to dandruff and hair greasiness.

Shampoo for hair with tar is a great product dedicated to people whose scalp requires thorough cleansing.


Tar is an oil extracted from the bark of the birch tree commonly known as birch tar. It regulates skin microflora and soothes skin lesions. Zinc ions regulate the sebaceous glands, reducing seborrhoea and excessive hair loss.

Product with fragrance composition to soothe the specific smell of tar.


- vegetable betaine - panthenol - glycerine


Try the effect on a small area of skin before first use. Do not use on open wounds and in case of acute skin inflammation. Avoid contact with eyes and if contact occurs, rinse abundantly with water. Do not use during pregnancy.