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VIS PLANTIS ATOPY SKIN Emollient eyelid and eye cream for dry and atopic skin, 30ml

The emollient eye cream for dry and atopic skin rebuilds the natural protective layer of the skin around the eyes, which is particularly thin and prone to irritation. Reduces itching and burning, soothes irritation, minimises dryness. The product has physiological pH, is odourless and very well tolerated by the skin.

Patients with AD are often diagnosed with atopic dermatitis around the eyes. So how do you take care of such a sensitive area as the skin around the eyes? The key is the right care. Above all, atopic eye cream must retain as much water as possible and strengthen the hydrolipidic film.

Dry skin around the eyes and on the eyelids?

If the skin around your eyes is particularly sensitive and reacts with severe irritation, this specialised emollient will help to soothe the skin around your eyes. Irritated skin around the eyes requires specialised care.

An emollient for the eyes and the eyelids?

Emollients are special moisturisers for atopic skin that improve the protective hydrolipid mantle. They contain special ingredients not found in regular drugstore cosmetics, such as lepidoptera herb combined with birch bark extract, which is present in our DERMO+ Atopy Skin range.

The product is also suitable for children over 3 years of age.

MAIN INGREDIENTS betulinic acid, betulins and iridoids derived from a complex of birch bark and leprechaun herb extracts reduce inflammation of the skin, thus improving its resistance.

SUPPORTING INGREDIENTS - urea - panthenol - glycerine - allantoin - shea butter - cornflower seed extract - cottonseed oil - triglycerides analogous to skin triglycerides

In the Atopy Skin range you will also find a barrier lotion for body and hands, a body and hair cleansing emulsion and a concentrated lipid body cream.